Lobster Gear

Before the traps go into the water, they have a mesh bag hung inside, filled with bait (often herring, skate carcasses (called racks), or fish heads.

Lobster traps are connected by a line (rope) into what we call "strings",so they can more easily be hauled up (you only need an anchor and buoy on each end instead of one for every trap). You don't want to be in the way as they fly off the back of the boat!

When females are carrying eggs (called "berried"), they have to be put back in the ocean to finish reproducing.

During the trip, lobsters are held in a tank full of seawater below deck, to ensure that they are alive and high quality (a lobster that is dead before cooking is toxic)

Once the boat is closer to home, the lobsters have to come out of the tank, one by one!


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