F/V Never Enough

Bruce Kaminski is from Chatham, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law.  He has been fishing for more than 30 years as Captain of the F/V Never Enough and primarily fishes for codfish and haddock using tubtrawl gear.  He will occasionally bring home white hake, flounders, and skates.  Oh, and plenty of dogfish!

Captain Bruce Kaminski handles haddock caught with longline gear

Bruce has been instrumental in participating in CCCHFA’s cooperative research projects, including tagging cod and haddock, mortality studies, and bait selectivity.

He is a member of the Georges Bank Fixed Gear Sector and he also fishes for bluefin tuna when in season.

Bruce’s gear is hand baited in Commerce Park, keeping his crew and other workers busy even when they aren’t fishing.  A good baiter can put squid or clams on 1000+ hooks an hour.  A novice baiter takes closer to an hour to bait 100 hooks.  Not only do baiters have to put the bait on the hooks, but they also have to untangle the lines, re-bend straightened hooks, and replace missing gangions and hooks.

Captain Bruce unhooking an undersized cod by hand, to improve its chances of surviving once released.

F/V Never Enough being tied up to the Chatham Fish Pier


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