Look For The Hook connects you, the seafood lover, with local fresh fish in a new way, using the wonders of the web.

You prepay for your fish at the subscription level of your choosing, and as a Look For the Hook Member, you receive:

  1. The knowledge of what local fish is available today at several seafood markets across the Cape, via emails, tweets, facebook posts, and a members-only website.
  2.  Access to members-only video clips, photos, recipes and stories straight from the fishing boats.
  3. Gift card that you use to purchase your Look For The Hook seafood.
  4. Invites to members-only events where you can meet the fishermen and learn more about cooking your seafood.
  5. The satisfaction of supporting your local fishing fleet – more than 90% of your subscription fee goes directly to participating fishermen.
  6. One year complimentary CCCHFA Crew level membership (if you’re not already a member, value $35).

Several times a week we’ll let you know which fish just hit the docks and where to find that elusive, limited quantity of lemon sole or white hake. If you’re in the mood for fish, head down to your participating market and look for our logo in the seafood case.  Use your gift card to buy your Look For The Hook seafood.  You’ll also get updates on other related happenings: when the boats are unloading (so you can stop by and say hi to your fishermen), when the seals are particularly active at the pier, or when you can help influence fishing regulations by writing a letter or making a phone call.

The seafood will be provided by several participating fishermen who take extra care to bring you the highest quality fish possible.  We’ll focus on under-utilized fish like redfish, white hake, monkfish, and maybe even skate wings.  But there will also be days when there is haddock, flounder, lobster, scallops, and quahogs available.

Your support of Look For The Hook keeps the fish local, gives the fishermen a better price, and maintains shoreside operations.  In return, you get up to the minute information on where and when to buy the freshest fish possible combined with insider’s information on the fishermen you meet offloading at the pier.  You are also committing up front to buying a certain amount of fish during the subscription period: good for the fishermen and good for your health!

Your participation:

  • Lowers the carbon footprint to put dinner on your table (the fish travels across the parking lot at the pier to be cut, then is sent to your local fish market, instead of being trucked off cape to be cut and brought back).
  • Keeps your food dollars in our community by supporting local businesses.
  • Gives your local fishermen a better price for their fish (on average, fish sold to local markets instead of the off-cape auctions command 30 cents more per pound to the boat).

Six Month Subscription Levels

A Couple of Fish Eaters

A Family of Fish Eaters

Seafood Lovers

*If your gift card runs out during your subscription period, you can add more funds to it by calling CCCHFA.  If you have funds left at the end of the period, we will roll them over to your next subscription period.

We are committed to providing access to the freshest and best seafood that our local fleet has to offer.

PHOTO CREDITS: David Hills (FishingPix.net), Jessie Agee, Tim Connor, Marica Dugan, CCCHFA staff

All content is copyrighted (c)2011.


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